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Bounce Back Rehabilitation

Rehab, Recover, Return Home

We understand the challenges faced in trying to recover after being hospitalized for a major illness or sudden trauma. Many require daily skilled nursing care and continued therapies to alleviate pain, restore function and improve mobility, until you are ready to go home. We want to discover exactly what you can and cannot do for yourself, and then we carefully design a treatment plan with specific and realistic goals. Our program includes:     Interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals     State-of-the-art therapy equipment     Full range of rehabilitative therapies - physical, occupational, and speech     Case management to oversee insurance and Medicare to maximize your benefits     Beautiful suites completely furnished including TV and phone hookups                                                                                                                              When you’re not ready for a nursing home.... Our Bounce Back Program is the answer. It’s our approach to Rehabilitation that sets the stage for successful outcomes. In our Bounce Back Program, no two patients have the exact same reaction or response to a particular condition or diagnosis. We believe we are dealing with and treating individuals with specific problems and limitations. Program goals:     Increase or restore range of motion and strength     Teach positioning, mobility, transfers and walking skills     Reduce pain through use of modalities and adaptive equipment     Improve cognitive and communication skills     Promote safe swallowing The Bounce Back Team believes successful rehabilitation must be a partnership. Together we can get you on the road to recovery. Let us show you how to .....                                                                                                         Bounce Back
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